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Applications are processed upon receipt throughout the year. When a course is filled, successful candidates may request placement
on a Waiting List and/or defer registration to the next consecutive course. Note: No action can be taken on your application for
admission until all required materials, application fee and transcripts are received. The application fee is waived for the Tibetan Community applicants.

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Write a personal essay in support of your application to the Montessori Training Center Northeast. This essay may be of any length but should include: relevant personal & professional background information; experiences which influenced your decision to pursue the study of Montessori education; experiences which have prepared you for participation in this course. You may use the Autobiography to provide any other information to be considered in support of your candidacy. This Essay serves as an applicant’s Writing Sample.  
Additionally, you may include answers to the following questions in the autobiography:
a. Why do you want to take the Montessori Training?
b. How did you first learn about the Montessori Training Center Northeast?

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In order to complete your application, send forward all additional materials to be considered for admission. Click here for the Application Checklist