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Amanda Rouleau’s Update

Hello, I’m Amanda Rouleau and a graduate of the 2018-20 Primary course. As with anyone who steps foot into a Montessori environment, I was amazed at what I saw and…

Ngozi Ebele Amanfo’s Update

Hello everyone! My name is Ngozi Ebele Amanfo. I am an Elementary 6-12 graduate, and I was a part of the 2019-2021 cohort at MTCNE, Hartford, Connecticut. A new country,…

Melissa Wagner Pavick’s Update

Hello, my name is Melissa Wagner Pavick. When my kids were 2 and 4, I visited my first Montessori classroom in Hartford.  I walked into a primary classroom filled with…

Kevin Hogan’s Update

Hello everyone, my name is Kevin Hogan. I am a graduate of MTCNE’s 2018-2020 Summer Cohort. I’m currently a lead guide at Harold Holliday Montessori in Kansas City, Missouri. Holliday…

Nicole DeLima-Rana’s Update

Hi! My name is Nicole. I am a graduate of MTCNE’s Summer Primary Diploma program. My Montessori journey began about 27 years ago when I moved to the United States of…

Nicolette Kyeremateng’s Update

Hello, my name is Nicolette Kyeremateng. My experience with Montessori started during college when I had the opportunity to observe a Primary classroom. I thought it was an amazing experience,…

Nicola Watterson’s Update

Hello to all, I hope everyone is happy and well. I’m Nicola Watterson, primary graduate from the 2017-18 cohort in Hartford, CT. I began my Montessori journey in my homeland…

Louise Zigbuo-Tolbert’s Update

Hello to all! My name is Louise Zigbuo-Tolbert, a graduate of academic year 2019-2020, MTCNE in Hartford, CT.  My class cohort was in the midst of training at the beginning…

Hannah Ford’s Update

Hello! I am Hannah Richard, almuna of the 2017-2018 Assistants to Infancy satellite course in New York City. My trainer was Dora Maria Vidales.  Montessori has been a part of…

Julia Barrameda’s Update

Hello, my name is Julia Barrameda. I began my AMI Assistants to Infancy Training at MTCNE on-campus in 2019 and completed it online in 2020, guided by Dora Maria Vidales…

Renée Ibáñez’ Update

Hello! I’m Renée Ibáñez, a 2019-2020 academic year graduate. I was part of the very first cohort hit by COVID-19 who had to finish and graduate via Zoom. (All this,…

Jing (Echo) Chen’s Update

Hello everyone. My name is Jing (Echo) Chen, and all the children in the classroom call me Ms. Echo. I prefer this name. I graduated from MTCNE Boston area satellite…

Renee Lewis-Lockhart’s Update

Hello, my name is Renee Lockhart. I earned my Primary Diploma after completing the 2004-2005 academic course from MTCNE under the training of Shannon Helfrich. I initially became introduced to…

Teresa Chan’s Update

My name is Teresa.  I am a recent graduate of MTCNE’s Primary Diploma program. My own Montessori journey began when I was a child going through both primary and elementary…

Marie Miller’s Update

Hello! My name is Marie Miller. I am a proud graduate of MTCNE’s Primary Academic year cohort of ‘17-’18 and soon to be graduate from the University of Hartford with…


After taking the AMI Assistants Course through MTCNE, I learned how to observe not only children, but all of life, with a different perspective. I discovered the importance of allowing each moment to be new and fresh. I was encouraged to see the children in my class as brand new children every morning. The course also taught me about Maria Montessori. I was fascinated by her compassion and genius, and all that she accomplished in her life. I began to understand the important role I can play in the education for peace and the creation of global citizens. When you are conscious of the important work you are doing, it makes for a rich and rewarding life.”

Kim Clark

Assistant Course

Training with the MTCNE center and with Gretchen Hall provided me with an authentic Montessori experience that fits perfectly in today's world. We were given the tools to offer every child an opportunity to learn with a Montessori education.

Jennie Paragarino

Primary 2013

My time spent training at MTCNE was rigorous, interesting, and fun. I built great friendships and connections based on a mutual love of teaching and learning, and left the center prepared to lead my own classroom….and you can quote me on that, class of 2017. 🙂

Hannah Ford



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