Students who accept an admission offer for a diploma course must return a signed Tuition Agreement to MTCNE. The Tuition Agreement outlines the tuition details including the payment schedule. Students sponsored by a third party must complete the sponsorship details before returning the signed Agreement.

Tuition is due at the start of each session. Tuition is invoiced and students are expected to pay tuition invoices promptly. Late tuition payments are subject to late charges.

Tuition fees are indicated in line with course information by level and location.  Go to “Courses” and navigate to the level and course of interest for scheduling and tuition information.

Making Payments

MTCNE accepts cash, check or online payments for fees and tuition.

Online Payments*

Fees can be paid instantly online using E-Check or a credit/debit card. NON-INVOICED PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS

Tuition payments can be made using the CREC Customer Self-Service (CSS) payment portal.  The instructions for the CSS payment portal are found HERE. Contact us at with questions or concerns about tuition payments and billing.

*Service Fee: Flat fee using an E‐Check. Percentage (%) fee for payments using a Credit/Debit Card. These fees are added to the total.


All Checks should be made payable to CREC MTCNE, include your name and reference, before submitting to:

Capital Region Education Council
Accounts Receivable – MTCNE
111 Charter Oak Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106

Bank Wires

Please request bank wire account information via email at  You are responsible for any bank fees associated with completing the wire transaction.