Housing Options for MTCNE Training Courses

Training Location – Hartford, CT

The University of Hartford is offering MTCNE students the opportunity to secure dorm style housing for the summer session. Reservations are first come first serve.  Go to: https://gcc.campusdish.com/SummerConferencesHousing

Additionally, MTCNE has created a Facebook group for students to meet, discuss housing options, and look for possible roommates. If you are interested in connecting with fellow students please join our Facebook group, MTCNE Summer 2022 Hartford Housing Group.

Training Location – Cleveland, OH

Accommodations for out-of-town participants have been arranged through MDP with the Cleveland Institute of Art and consist of single bedrooms in a 4-person suite with a shared living area, a kitchen, and 2 bathrooms. Laundry facilities are on site. A grocery store, restaurants, and cultural institutions are within walking distance. These newly built accommodations are 2.5 miles from the training location and near University Circle. Cost range is anticipated to be $1,800 per person.

Housing agreements will be established between the student and MDP no later than June 30, 2022.  Students interested in securing a room for the training sessions should contact Martha Loughridge at mloughridge.mdp@gmail.com

Public Transportation Options
From: Cleveland Institute of Art, 11702 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OH 44106
To: Stonebrook-White Montessori Campus, 975 East Blvd., Cleveland, OH 44108

Walk (2.2 miles / 45 minutes)
Google map route

Bus – Greater Cleveland RTA, http://www.riderta.com
Fares: http://www.riderta.com/fares

Suggested GCRTA Route for people staying at the Cleveland Institute of Art

  • Walk to E. 105th St. and Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. (1 mile / 20 minutes)
  • Take Bus #10 East 105 – Lakeshore to Parkgate Ave. (1.19 miles / 7 minutes)
  • Walk west on Parkgate Ave. to Stonebrook-White Montessori Campus (.6 miles / 11 minutes)

Dockless Scooter & Bikeshare, https://planning.clevelandohio.gov/dockless/index.php

Circle Link (FREE) for getting around in University Circle and Coventry Village

Carpool with other course participants
MDP can help facilitate arranging carpools.

Loaner Bicycles
With some advance notification, MDP may be able to find bicycles for your use while in Cleveland.

Training Location – Winchester, MA

MTCNE created a Facebook group for students to discuss housing options and look for possible roommates attending the course being delivered in Winchester, MA.  If you are interested in connecting with fellow students for the third and final summer, please join the Facebook group created prior to the second summer: MTCNE Boston Summer 2021 Housing Meet Up.

Other Locations

Students can also use a variety of websites to find alternative housing options. Housing for MTCNE is the student’s responsibility, but we are happy to offer advice on locations or options. For housing assistance, please email or call (860) 232-1743.

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