Hi! My name is Nicole. I am a graduate of MTCNE’s Summer Primary Diploma program. My Montessori journey began about 27 years ago when I moved to the United States of America, from Mumbai, India and began working in a private Montessori pre-school in New York. After moving to Connecticut, I continued to teach in a private Montessori program. My interest in the AMI training program began about 7 years ago, when I moved to the public Montessori school in Hartford, as an assistant in a Primary classroom. 

I entered the AMI training program a bit nervous, as my prior teaching experience had been under a different diploma. Day one at Butterworth Hall, had me hooked. My training was hectic and definitely unique, as we completed our final summer session remotely, but, it was one of my most rewarding and enjoyable learning experiences. Thanks to Gretchen, Laurie and Grace, the wonderful staff at MTCNE, and a group of wonderful classmates, I came away from this training with a deeper sense of understanding of Montessori philosophy as well as a sense of affirmation that I had spent more than half my life doing what I love best! 

As we navigate through this global pandemic, I have chosen to continue working as an assistant, in the public Montessori school. This allows me the joy of being with young children each day without the additional responsibilities expected of a public school guide during these times.   

I do not know what the future holds, but I do know that whatever path I continue to travel will be guided by my AMI training, and reflect my learning and experiences along the way. I have much to learn from the children and from fellow Montessori educators.

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