Our Scholarships

The Montessori Training Center Northeast (MTCNE) manages two distinct scholarship funds to benefit future students seeking AMI training as a diploma only or as part of a degree pathway at the University of Hartford.

MTCNE Scholarship Fund

A discretionary scholarship fund created to increase access to the AMI diploma and certificate courses offered through our training center for individuals located in the northeastern United States. A scholarship award is always dependent upon the number of applications and funds available. The maximum award possible is up to 50% of full tuition.

“Pay-it-back-Pay-it-forward” Fund

A scholarship fund to support students seeking to begin or complete a bachelor’s degree with a Montessori education concentration at the University of Hartford.

To apply for these scholarship funds, contact Dr. Paige M. Bray, Director of Montessori Studies, at bray@hartford.edu with the email subject: Montessori Specific Scholarship.