Hi, my name is Justin Chapian.  I am so thankful to have trained with Carla and Gerry. Their passion and enthusiasm is all the inspiration anyone could hope for. I am currently a Lower Elementary Guide at Omni Montessori in Charlotte, North Carolina. In between our classroom’s trips to botanical gardens and enthralling study of carnivorous plants, we have been obsessed with drama and music. We have created many of our own songs including a few about fish respiration and Arizona rattlesnakes. I will be presenting at the Elementary Alumni Association’s summer conference in Michigan, and I look forward to learning from the many elementary guides that gather to share with each other. My own practice has deepened my understanding of the Montessori method, and I am continuously seeking ways to better serve our children who cry out for an education that respects their minds, honors their development, and treats them as humans with an immense capacity—that goes unseen by many.


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