Hello, everyone! My name is Jingyuan Ling and I am from Shanghai, China.  I became a trainee of the elementary training of MTCNE in 2016 and have since graduated.  I have really learned a lot from this training and made many friends from all over the world. I appreciate all the help of my trainers and the entire staff in the training center. Last year, I passed the final exam and received my diploma. I decided to apply for the online master’s degree with Montessori concentration at the University of Hartford late in 2018. This February I became a graduate student and began to submit the assignments every week again, like what I needed to do during the elementary training. But I love it! I have been running a small Children’s House with my wife since 2014. Last January, we move to our new place and the school has 5 classrooms now. I also have an elementary classroom. Even though it is just an after-school program, my students and I really like each other. I hope it will become a full-day classroom in the future.

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