Gerry is excited to be returning to the city where he grew up and where he received his AMI Montessori training!

Gerry Leonard (one of our own MTCNE elementary trainers) will be co-directing a new Montessori elementary course beginning in Dublin, Ireland this summer.  Gerry will run the second half of the Dublin course directly after the summer course finishes here in Hartford. Gerry’s co-director for the Dublin course is Ann Dunne.  Ann Dunne has directed courses in Dublin and London and currently directs an elementary modular course in Chennai, India. The course is being organized under the auspices of The Maria Montessori Institute, London, UK and is being held at Griffith College in the heart of Dublin. The student body will be an international group.

Click here for more information about the trainers at MMI and to learn more about our International partner.

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