Today we raise our glasses in a global celebration of Dr. Maria Montessori’s 150th birthday. Her legacy lives on within the children. We are inspired now more than ever as we advocate for social change through education for peace. Throughout her life, she overcame many hardships, but never doubted her mission. She was the first female doctor in Italy, despite society’s disapproval. Ultimately, she graduated with high honors from the University of Rome Medical School.  As the director of the Orthophrenic School for developmentally disabled children, she began her life-long research of child development. In Rome, 1907, the first Casa de Bambini was born. In charge of 60 children, Dr. Montessori began developing her methods within a “prepared environment” conducive to the young child’s developmental needs. It was here the mantra to “follow the child” came into existence. Now, in the year 2020, Montessori has reached over 140 countries where the mission of education for peace prevails and we move forward into the future, in service to the children and their infinite potential. Happy birthday, Dr. Maria Montessori!! To learn more about carrying on her mission visit

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