Hello my name is Colleen Stonbely. I’m now in my third year at St. Helena Montessori in the Napa Valley, where I work as both an assisting teacher to two Primary classes and as the school’s Registrar. My husband Ted is the Director of Admissions and Communications and my two children are both in the 6-12 Elementary Program, so we all happily bike to school together in the morning. We’re also having a great time exploring California – we did a coastal road trip over the winter break down as far as Joshua Tree, where you can see us enjoying a cool but sunny hike. Our summer travels bring us back east to reconnect with friends and family, and I’m consistently tempted to figure out how to manage the A to I training into those summer trips. I’m set to complete the Master’s from University of Hartford in December, then I can work on next steps. Do any of my cohort want to join me?!
St. Helena Montessori is a lovely farm school serving toddlers through ninth grade, and we feel so lucky to have landed here! We also get lots of rainbows over the winter months, which never gets old. We always welcome visitors!

Colleen StonbelyMTCNE Primary Summer Program, graduated July 2017

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