Look where you can find the Center for Montessori Studies sharing and learning this spring:

AMI-USA Refresher Course

February 17 – 20 in Baltimore

“Practitioner Inquiry: Montessori and a Data Informed Stance”. 

* MTCNE and UHart Alumna
Presenters: Tina Booth, Paige Bray, Bodeen Amyot* and Rogier Dijk

1:00 PM Friday, February 17  https://amime23.c3groups.com/session?sessionId=43

This session provides initial steps to engaging in your own data-informed knowledge documentation process to impact your daily practice. Examples of how you can create knowledge through engaging in systematic collection of data will be provided. Your knowledge contribution can also be shared with our global community through the Montessori Glossary Community Project, an open community dedicated to knowledge equity, shared authority, and the co-creation of an open access vocabulary of Montessori terms.

Research Presentation (Part 2) 

“You Too Can Do Practitioner Research – An Invitation” 

Presenters: Practitioners and Researchers from USA Montessori Community, MAPS/Train Montessori and Center for Montessori Studies/UHartford

Including our very own, Andrea Sousa, UHartford Early Childhood Montessori Concentration Bachelor Student

8:30 AM Monday, February 20


Join us for a bigger bite of authentic teacher inquiry and research tools that amplify practitioner knowledge. First, you will hear directly from 3rd and 4th plane practitioner researchers then it’s your turn to explore forming your own inquiry question. Information and support for accessing resources and re-searching literature already available will be provided. Learn about upcoming opportunities on how you (and the adolescents with whom you work) can continue this work via summer workshops AND present your findings October 2023 at MAPS (Montessori Adolescent Practitioners Symposium)! Additional Presenters: Practitioners and Researchers from USA Montessori Community, MAPS/Train Montessori and Center for Montessori Studies/U Hartford


14th Annual AMS Research Poster Session@ The Montessori Event

Equity-Based Assessment Practices in Montessori: Data Informed Collaborations” 

Drs Gay Ward and Paige M. Bray, Saturday, March 18 from 12:30 PM – 3:45 PM, Boston, MA


“Racial and Ethnic Parity in Preschool: 

Public Montessori vs. Lottery Waitlist Alternatives”  

SIG-Montessori Education Paper Presentation 

Angeline S. Lillard,; Xin Tong and Paige M. Bray

“Co-Constructing Equity-Based Assessment Practices in Montessori”

Montessori Education Roundtable

Paige M. Bray and Gay Ward


In case you missed it, here is where you can find our URBAN Research Network colleague John Diamond spoke so powerfully this year about the current state of our education and the shared work ahead https://www.aera.net/Events-Meetings/19th-Annual-Brown-Lecture-In-Education-Research

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