Hello! My name is Angela Sicuranza, and I graduated from MTCNE in 2017 with the first academic school year cohort in Hartford at Butterworth Hall.  I not only still have Gretchen’s voice in my head, but also friends I still keep in touch with, regularly (and one that I am now lucky to also have as a work colleague). I am forever proud to be part of the larger Montessori network, that I feel so fortunate to have found. I stumbled upon Montessori from two different people in my life, who simultaneously recommended it to me. My Montessorian friend told me to observe, which I happily and thankfully did; and as they say- the rest is history. I am very excited to be back in the classroom and working at a different school. I am thankful to be in a wonderful school community and look forward to continuing the important (and hard!) work we all do every day.  

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