The training center is providing this as a courtesy. We are not promoting any specific job over the next.

Assistants to Infancy

Ellington Montessori School, Toddler Guide, Ellington, CT (updated 1/14/20)

Westside Montessori School, Toddler Guide, Toronto, CA (updated 10/1/19)


Ellington Montessori School, Primary Guide, Ellington, CT (updated 1/14/20)


Ellington Montessori School, Lower and Upper Elementary Guides, Ellington, CT (updated 1/14/20)

Mountain View Montessori, Lower Elementary Guide, Reno, NV (updated 12/20/19

Middle School


Ellington Montessori School, Assistant Head of School, Ellington, CT (updated 1/14/20)

The Cobb School, Substitute Teachers, Simsbury, CT (updated 11/21/19)

Elm City Montessori , Substitute Teachers, New Haven, CT (updated 11/1/19)

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