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Assistants to Infancy

Catskill Montessori School, Toddler Guide, Catskill, NY (updated 1/12/21)

Villa Di Maria Montessori, Toddler Guide, Sugar Land, TX (updated 12/17/20)

International Montessori Academy, Toddler Guide, Atlanta, GA (updated 12/17/20)

Montessori School of Greater Hartford, Toddler Guide, West Hartford, CT (updated 10/21/20)


Escuela Del Sol Montessori, Primary Guide, Albuquerque, NM (updated 1/20/21)

Catskill Montessori School, Primary Guide, Catskill, NY (updated 1/12/21)

Pullman Community Montessori, Primary Guide, Pullman, WA (updated 1/8/21)

SchoolHouse, Learning Pod Kindergarten Teacher, Lexington, MA (updated 1/5/21)

Villa Di Maria Montessori, Primary Guide, Sugar Land, TX (updated 12/17/20)

International Montessori Academy, Primary Guide, Atlanta, GA (updated 12/17/20)

Pache Montessori Cobble Hill, Primary Lead Guides, Brooklyn, NY (updated 12/8/20)

Homeschool Guide, Needham, MA (updated 10/9/20)

Adams Montessori School, Primary Guide, Quincy, MA (updated 8/28/20)

Resurrection Episcopal Day School, Home School Guide, South Hampton, NY (updated 8/17/20)

Fort Collins Montessori School, Primary Guide, Fort Collins, CO (updated 7/28/20)


Catskill Montessori School, Elementary Co-Teacher, Catskill, NY (updated 1/12/21)

Pullman Community Montessori, Elementary Guide, Pullman, WA (updated 1/8/21)

Montessori Children’s House of Hyde Park, Lead Elementary Directress, Tampa, FL (updated 1/4/21)

Allium Montessori, Part-time Assistant Elementary Guide (Maternity Leave), Cambridge, MA (updated 12/8/20)

Allium Montessori, Elementary Guide, Cambridge, MA (updated 12/8/20)

The Bilingual Montessori School of Paris, Elementary Guide, Paris, France (updated 11/24/20)

Middle School


Private Home Learning Environment, Montessori Guide, Westport, CT (updated 1/14/21)

Catskill Montessori School, Toddler Assistant, Catskill, NY (updated 1/12/21)

Catskill Montessori School, Primary Assistant, Catskill, NY (updated 1/12/21)

International Montessori Academy, Spanish-Speaking Assistant, Atlanta, GA (updated 12/17/20)

International Montessori Academy, Classroom Assistants, Atlanta, GA (updated 12/1720)

Elm City Montessori, Special Education Teacher, New Haven, CT (Updated 12/22/20)

Elm City Montessori, Elementary Classroom Assistant, New Haven, CT (Updated 12/11/20)

The T.E.C. Schools, Lead Assistants Teachers 3-6 and 6-12, Worcester, MA (updated 12/8/20)

Isthmus Montessori Academy, Lead Guides & Administrators, Madison, WI (updated 12/1/20)

The Montessori School, Classroom Assistant, Wilton, CT (updated 9/18/20)

The Montessori School of Greater Hartford, Part-Time Classroom Assistant, Hartford, CT (updated 9/14/20)

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