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Veronica Burbano’s Update

Hello friends! My name is Veronica Burbano, graduate of a three-year Summer 3-6 primary training with fabulous Gretchen Hall. During my training I was able to make great friends that…

Gabrielle Campiformio’s Update

Hello, my name is Gabrielle Campiformio and I was fortunate enough to earn my Primary Diploma in 2016 from MTCNE. The Montessori Training Center Northeast has held a special place in my…

Hedy De Nolf’s Update

Hi Fellow MTCNE’ers! I am Hedy De Nolf, graduate of an academic year, primary training with Gretchen Hall, what feels like eons ago, in the summer of 2011. I absolutely…

Amy Woodhouse’s Update

Amy Woodhouse’s Update Hello,  my name is Amy Woodhouse. I am a 2019 graduate of primary training from MTCNEs Boston area satellite course.  I fell in love with the Montessori…

Emma Moody’s Update

Emma Moody’s Update Hello, my name is Emma Moody. The first formal Montessori training I received was the Assistants to Infancy course in Manhattan over the summers of 2017 and…

Gussie Greer’s Update

Gussie Greer’s Update Hello, my name is Gussie Greer. I began AMI Elementary Training at the Montessori Center of the Northeast in June of 2016 and graduated in August 2018.…

Angela Sicuranza’s Update

Hello! My name is Angela Sicuranza, and I graduated from MTCNE in 2017 with the first academic school year cohort in Hartford at Butterworth Hall.  I not only still have Gretchen’s…

Colleen Stonbely’s Update

Hello my name is Colleen Stonbely. I’m now in my third year at St. Helena Montessori in the Napa Valley, where I work as both an assisting teacher to two…

Jamie Bartels Update

Hello, my name is Jamie Bartels. My wife, Sandra, and I are both MTCNE alumni.   Sandra graduated from the Assistants to Infancy program in NYC with Dora Maria Vidales in 2018…

Erika Chait’s Update

Hello, my name is Erika Chait and I am an alumna of the Assistant’s Training Course from which I earned my Elementary Assistants Course Certificate of Completion in December 2015.…

Justin Chapian’s update

Hi, my name is Justin Chapian.  I am so thankful to have trained with Carla and Gerry. Their passion and enthusiasm is all the inspiration anyone could hope for. I…

Jingyuan Ling’s Update

Hello, everyone! My name is Jingyuan Ling and I am from Shanghai, China.  I became a trainee of the elementary training of MTCNE in 2016 and have since graduated.  I…

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After taking the AMI Assistants Course through MTCNE, I learned how to observe not only children, but all of life, with a different perspective. I discovered the importance of allowing each moment to be new and fresh. I was encouraged to see the children in my class as brand new children every morning. The course also taught me about Maria Montessori. I was fascinated by her compassion and genius, and all that she accomplished in her life. I began to understand the important role I can play in the education for peace and the creation of global citizens. When you are conscious of the important work you are doing, it makes for a rich and rewarding life.”

Kim Clark

Assistant Course

Training with the MTCNE center and with Gretchen Hall provided me with an authentic Montessori experience that fits perfectly in today's world. We were given the tools to offer every child an opportunity to learn with a Montessori education.

Jennie Paragarino

Primary 2013

My time spent training at MTCNE was rigorous, interesting, and fun. I built great friendships and connections based on a mutual love of teaching and learning, and left the center prepared to lead my own classroom….and you can quote me on that, class of 2017. 🙂

Hannah Ford



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